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Exterior Stone Wall Panels

Last updated on 5 Ocak 2021

Styrofoam wall panels in wall decoration and covering

Styrofoam wall panels (stone Wall Panel) that you use as an alternative material and that give you the opportunity to apply decorations and facade coatings with minimal costs for stone cladding processes are the materials that are offered to you with unlimited colors, patterns and motifs at affordable prices. Polystyrene wall panels, which are usually 2 cm thick on the inner walls and 4 cm thick on the outer walls, are made with special colors and patterns. The stone wall panel consists of horizontally and vertically integrated patterns and is a model specially made for facades and outdoor areas. The characteristics of exterior walls with stone walls that are sold at reasonable prices and made in standard sizes are as follows:

  • It is one of the advantages that you are resistant to external climates and weather influences for years.
    Since the heat transfer coefficient is very low, you can use the Impact stone wall panel to create
    decorative outer panels that help you save heat.
  • The sound permeability is reduced by more than 50% through the stepping stone wall panel. This gives
    you an ideal living space with a soundproofing function. It is not only an economical material, but can also be used as heat and sound insulation.
  • It is a lightweight material, and when used externally, it does not stress the structure in terms of static
    electricity, extends the life of the building and offers resistance to earthquakes.
  • Shock absorber property that absorbs hard shocks, shocks against the shock property, are not damaged
  • with an outer panel material. Styrofoam wall panel patterned with stone, which is used in external
  • cladding processes and has the advantage that a very economical product has hygienically cleanable properties.
  • 10% erasable Styrofoam wall panels are extinguished and do not lose their insulation properties and
    patterns, do not contain any toxic gas, are a material that does not burn and is flame retardant. Exterior
    wall panels with stone pattern are not affected by rain and water retention.

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