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Ay: Ocak 2021

Decoration In Walls

If you want to decorate, materials that are practical can give you an advantage in terms of time and costs. Styrofoam wall art panels are a very special material that gives you an application advantage on this topic. The fact that it is Styrofoam based material and glued with silicone gives you an advantage for practical decorations.

No additional metal construction is required for installation, it does not entail application costs and it can be easily done without the need for a technician, allowing for quick fixation. Styrofoam wall panels, which giving you an advantage for practical decorations will also give you an advantage in terms of cost.

The decorations that you make with panels, which are sold at very competitive prices in comparison with their equivalent products and which do not entail application costs are in very short time and are used for years. In places such as bathrooms and toilets, you do not need to constantly renew the decoration because of moisture. The polystyrene wall art panels, which are resistant to water, are not

affected by moisture and heat change, do not come off the surface, they are applied once for years. Styrofoam wall panels, which do not hinder the application of the surface of the installation, because they are rough and allow you to obtain smooth surfaces when applying, you unlimited colors and pattern options. This way you can use your bathroom, toilet and outside of the house decorate in the colors and patterns you want.

Styrofoam wall panels, which are subjected to surface hardening and withstand severe impact as their surface hardens, will not be damaged by absorbing impacts with these properties. The panels, which are resistant to hard shocks, are also water-resistant materials and do not become heavy, do not fall out of place or create loads that compromise the static electricity of the structure.

Styrofoam wall panels used for exterior decoration remain unaffected by precipitation for years. Unaffected by adverse conditions such as heat and humidity in exterior decorations, the panels belong to the class of fire-resistant materials and protect your home against fire. The fact that it is a non-combustible material with class B1 non-combustible materials prevents the spread of fire at the moment of fire.

Polystyrene wall art panels, which are not bacteria-resistant and do not contain bacteria, also help you create hygienic decorations. Thanks to its anti-static property, the panels that do not get dirty and smudge-free can be wiped clean when they get dusty. You will be able to maintain the aesthetics of the surface for years to come, as you will not lose color during the process.

You can make both sound and heat insulation with polystyrene wall panels that you can use as a professional insulation material. You can use a Styrofoam wall art panel to create living spaces that match your ideal living comfort.

Practical Decoration Ideas

When decorating your home, you can make practical decorations with 3d wall coating panels so that you the cost of the decoration materials you will need to implement your decorating ideas can minimize. You can use a styrofoam wall panel according to the purpose of use in living areas with different usage areas such as bedroom, living room, kids room, teen room, kitchen, hallway, study and where you want to decorate with special decorations. You can make practical decorations Create with the styrofoam wall panel with unlimited colors and pattern options for the decoration you want in the room.

Living room 3d wall coating; You can use styrofoam wall panels in both ceiling decorations and wall decorations for the decorations that you are going to rain in the halls. You can add decoration and color integrity offer with ceiling decorations, you can decorate in a practical way without having to paint. You you can organize the living room practically because you have options such as polystyrene wall panel and 3 dimensional styrofoam wall panel.

Bedroom decoration; With styrofoam wall panels with three-dimensional patterns and motifs you can furnish the bedrooms as desired. Because you can choose unlimited colors, you can choose your bedroom decorate by choosing the motifs and colors that you want to decorate especially for your bedroom. You can make perfect decorations in your bedrooms thanks to the styrofoam wall panels you put on one practical and easy way to apply compared to classic decorations.

Decorations of young rooms; With 3D styrofoam wall panels with heat and sound insulating features you can furnish young rooms with style and elegance. The decorations you visually immaculate will finish in a short time and you can provide sound insulation for a long time with its sound insulation function. You can use Styrofoam wall panels for practical decorations where you stay away from it noise caused by activities such as listening to loud music and watching movies in it young rooms.

Decorations for the kitchen; 3d wall coating panels unaffected by factors such as heat, humidity and practicality to decorate will help you find the parts between the kitchen cabinet and decorate the countertop as desired. Your kitchens become lively and energetic kitchens with 3D styrofoam wall panels that are used in wet areas and with which you can make perfect decorations create with pattern options.

Decorations of 3d wall coating; You can create miracles by using styrofoam wall panels that can withstand moisture in bathrooms, where the humidity is greatest, and you can have bathroom decorations that you can use for years to come. For three-dimensional and colorful bathrooms you can use panels that are very practical to apply.

Wall Panels For Kitchens

One of the problems you run into with kitchen decorations is how to divide the space between the countertop and to decorate the kitchen cabinet. Today, decorations made with tiles and ceramics take care of it that the grout will fall off and that the tiles will loosen over time due to moisture.

Instead Of this method, which is costly and short-lived, Styrofoam wall panels offer the latter product of construction technology, you have the opportunity to decorate at a low cost and you equipped with wall coverings in colors that are compatible with the kitchen decoration. The properties of the Styrofoam wallcovering, which are ESP Styrofoam based material and give you many benefits during application are as follows.

  • Styrofoam wallcovering, which you can use in the colors and patterns you want, makes your ownkitchen decorations more vivid and colorful. It is also very easy to apply styrofoam, with which you can create aesthetically perfect wall decorations that match the colors of the kitchen cabinet and the counter.
  • Factors such as humidity and temperature differences that occur in your kitchen cause that wall coverings lose their properties over time, while styrofoam wall panels, which wear up Styrofoam based material will not be affected by these negativities.
    • This is what your kitchen looks like always look decorative with the panels that have a very long life. Since the temperature in the area around the stove in the kitchen will raise, instead of constantly the wall covering in this section, you can do it once and use a lifetime wall decoration by one wall panel.
  • Because it is resistant to moisture and the adhesives are not affected by the moisture, you can use a have durable wall coverings and at the same time contribute to the heat insulation and sound insulation in your kitchen. Styrofoam wall panels, which have both insulating properties and professional ones insulating materials are used as insulating material in exterior decorations and facades with casing.

Wall Panels For Decoration.

Wall panels have become the most chosen and popular decoration materials in recent times. Wall panels with decorative features such as unlimited colors and pattern options offered with special patterns and sold at very economical prices, in addition to their decorative characteristics many functions.

With these features, brick wall panels used by decorators offer decoration specialists, exterior cladding companies, interior architects, designers, building designers as well as with the aesthetic surface as thermal insulation, sound insulation and hygienic characteristics.

Panels that do not put additional stress on your building in rainy weather and no static risk shapes also provide a longevity benefit. Styrofoam wall panel, where you years can last without problems, is a material that is unaffected by temperature differences and is not affected by rain and moisture.

With these properties the styrofoam wall panels become used in exterior facades in wet areas. Panels that are used in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen decorations and that you can use with them decorative features and 3D motifs can create perfect decorations are materials that are not affected by moisture.

Thanks to these properties, the panels that are often used in the decoration of the bathrooms, unaffected by heat and water. Panels, which are resistant and resistant against temperature differences, these properties retain and lose their properties throughout their life aesthetics on the surface and patterns are not. You can have bathrooms with visual decorations for years to come with the panels that retain the images from the first day.

Styrofoam wall panels that are not affected by heat, water and humidity also provide you benefits in terms of hygiene. You can also paint the styrofoam brick wall panels to stain it is dirt-resistant, can be easily cleaned when dusted, does not fade or pattern loses during cleaning.

When you want to make a difference in your home decor or when you decide to paint your house in a different color, you can match the panels with the color of the house by simply painting it instead of buying a Styrofoam brick wall panels again.

Styrofoam brick wall panels, do not contain bacteria, do not grow bacteria, do not contain health risks, does not emit toxic gases and is an environmentally friendly product. It has been manufactured from TSE-approved raw materials, is applied to the surfaces with acrylic silicone and comes not easy from the place where it is pasted, making it a hygienic decoration for it interior and your health is protected.

The panels you will use to be economical and make aesthetic decorations in your home and keep decorating costs to a minimum products that can be brought to the desired dimensions and at very competitive prices can be sold.

Children’s Room Decorations

The materials to be used in decorating are on the one hand economical, on the other hand decorative and you can keep it for years. Thanks to these properties it gives you a great advantage. Styrofoam wall panels, which in decorations are a material with these characteristics, especially in baby room decor, are an alternative for those who want to make hygienic decorations. ESP based styrofoam wall panels with many features have unlimited color pattern options so you can use them wherever you want and create the decorations you want even for baby room decor.

Styrofoam wall panel, which can be applied in a very short time and which saves you time in processing time, is a material that is very easy to apply. Being light also offers an advantage in terms of construction. The simple application also saves you time during processing.

Styrofoam wall panel, which is a waterproof material and allows you to have an insulating function because it is waterproof, also offers you an advantage in terms of heat and sound insulation. The decorative features of the decoration you create with the panels, which are very durable in terms of outdoor weather conditions and have decorative features in addition to their weather insulation, nothing happens throughout their lives.

Once you use the Styrofoam wall panel, which is a paintable product, you can paint in the colors you want. The decorations you make with Styrofoam wall panels, which can be repainted over and over, are used as durable materials. The Styrofoam wall panel, approved by the Ministry and classified as a class B1 non-flammable material, protects the building against fire as it is a non-flammable and non-walking material.

Wall panel made of styrofoam with anti-static property reduces dirt and stains due to this property. With dust you can clean it by wiping it, this gives you an extra advantage. Panels that can be wiped with a damp cloth will not be damaged during cleaning. Styrofoam wall panels, which are highly resistant materials to conditions such as humidity, can be used for years, especially on exterior façades in wet areas.

Styrofoam wall panels, which are very economical materials compared to equivalent decoration products, are a material that has no application cost, saves you labor and time, and can easily stick with an acrylic based silicone. Apart from being a natural material, it is also an environmentally friendly material, the Styrofoam wall panel, which is one of the properties it offers, does not contain any factor that threatens your health and baby room decor.

Impact Exterior Stone Wall Panel

Because nowadays huge costs are required for processes such as cladding, cladding and stones upholstery, these materials are offered in various designs, patterns and motifs. The exterior wall panel, which are used with a thickness of 2 cm for interior and 4 cm for exterior walls, are produced in special colors and patterns. The impact stone exterior wall panel is one special wall panel model that consists of the combination of yellow and light beige tones horizontal and vertical integrated patterns. The characteristics of the impact stone exterior wall panel, which are sold at very economical prices and are used in certain sizes is as follows:

  • One of the advantages is that it gives you an advantage in terms of thermal insulation and that it can withstand the outdoor climate and weather conditions for years. You can create decorative exterior cladding with the Impact stone exterior wall panel, which helps you to save heat because the heat permeability is very low.
  • With its sound insulating function, the impact wall panel prevents you from using the offers the possibility to create ideal living spaces and the sound permeability of more than 50 percent blocked. Not only is it an economical material, it can also be used as a heat and sound insulation material, these are just two of the benefits it offers you offers.
  • Impact stone exterior wall panel, is an exterior cladding material that absorbs hard impacts thanks to its impact resistant property and will not be damaged due to its flexibility against it bumps, it is a product that is no different from the original stones with its stone patterns. Styrofoam wall panel, which is used in outdoor coating processes and has an advantage as a very economical product, has hygienic cleanable properties.
  • Styrofoam wall panel, which can be wiped down 10 percent, is a material that can be does not lose insulation and cartridges when wiped, does not contain toxic gas and does not flammable properties. The product you are buying as a stone slab wall panel which has no water-holding function, is not affected by the rain and does not hold water fixed.

Concept 3D Wall Panel

The three-dimensional wall panel Consept, with longitudinal mountain motifs, is standard in white produced in the dimensions 50 x 50 cm. Consept 3 dimensional wall panel are used throughout halls, living rooms, waiting rooms, cafes and restaurants. It is a product where 4 plates become used for 1 m2 and each box is presented to you as 3 m2. The wall panel, which is included with purchase layers of 3 and 3 m2 are sold, are offered in white and can be easily combined with all types of paint are painted. Consept 3d wall art panel, which has surfaces that can become painted with all types of paint, such as cellulose paint types, oil paint types, exterior paints, diluent facade paints, water-based paints and automotive paints, can easily be used painted because it has paved surfaces. With this feature, it can be painted in colors that compatible with the decoration in the area where it is used and wall panels covering the decorations more elegant also contribute to warmth and sound insulation at a professional level.

Thanks to the 3-dimensional wall panel Consept, which with its washable and wipeable properties creates hygienic walls in the house, you also leave the burden of stains and dirt away. Because the hard surfaces can be easily wiped, have the panels, which are easy to clean no water-retaining properties and the wet areas become more beautiful and decorative made. By combining them according to the dimensions you want in areas with wet spots such as bathrooms and kitchens. Panels, which you can use by making them in small sizes with using a Stanley knife, offer you the advantage of having thermal insulation. . When you choose for the concept 3D wall panel, you also have the following properties.

  • Thanks to the 3d wall art panel Consept, which is professional in thermal insulation and a very low heat permeability prevents the heat from the indoor environment to the external environment and minimize the energy you spend on air conditioning.
  • With the 3-dimensional wall panel Consept, which is also professional in sound insulation, you do not have to bring in the outside sounds. With a very high sound insulation you hit lost all sounds.
  • The 3-dimensional 3d wall art panel from Consept, which protects you against moisture problems, heat and sound insulation, is a moisture resistant material and provides with its water-repellent properties long-term use in wet areas. Thanks to these properties, it offers 3-dimensional wall panel concept, which is also used for exterior decoration an advantage to your cost and is it economical.

Wooden Exterior Wall Covering.

Styrofoam 3d wall panels, which have become popular materials with economical prices in exterior decoration, are constantly used by decorators, interior designers and designers, and are offered to you with different models. It can be the outer part of the building exhausts look just like wood patterns with the wood exterior siding panel. You can contribute to it that your building looks like wooden structures. Due to the fact that it is styrofoam-based materials, with the wooden cladding that has many functions, you can achieve the following functions use.

  • Because they have a hardened surface, they absorb impact and are resistant to hard ones shocks. With these properties, Styrofoam wall panels, which are used as exterior cladding material and aesthetic facade decorations with wooden patterns, you have the advantage with their economical prices.
  • The wooden façade cladding is produced as standard in the dimensions 200 x 50 x 4 cm. You the product, which you can use with the combination technology for large areas, easy to resize using a knife for smaller surfaces.
  • Wooden facade cladding 3d wall panels, which are very light materials, do not cause building static ta with this feature, it is widely used as a covering material both provides heat as sound insulation to exterior walls and the building is not subject to extra stress lightness.
  • The wooden exterior cladding panel, which is very successful in thermal insulation, is its materials that do not transfer the outside temperature indoors, the heat transfer by 45 percent and give you an advantage with this function by saving energy indoors.
  • The wooden facade cladding panel for exterior facade, which is very successful in thermal insulation because it has no water retention and is not permeable, shows the environment of the building more aesthetic with its wood patterns and extends the life of the building because it has no retains water.
  • in the field of sound insulation, it has a very successful wall covering material, the panel reduces outside noise by 54 percent. Air holes are formed in it polystyrene foam thanks to the raw materials used during production as 3d wall panels of Styrofoam. Since sound does not have the ability to spread in the air cavity, it improves the quality inside by providing sound insulation.
  • Another advantage offered to you is that it does not have its insulation function for long periods. By having heat and sound insulation for years with its insulating function, you can increase your quality of life.

3D Wall Decorations

The 3d wall panel decorations, which have become very popular today due to being more attractive and having more visual characteristics than classic decorations, are decorations that you can create in a short time at a low cost. It is produced by using ESP Styrofoam materials in your decorations.

With the help of 3D styrofoam wall panels you have unlimited colors and pattern options for your wall decorations. You can create wonders in your home with 3d wall panel that can be specially produced for all the types of decoration you want, dream or can’t do. Designed from modern and innovative ideas of decoration, With special motifs and patterns, Styrofoam wall panels have different characteristics due to their decorative visual features and are based on Styrofoam.

With the Styrofoam 3d wall panel, which is divided in two in terms of physical and structural characteristics and at the same time offers you many advantages, you can create very stylish decorations in your home and make your home perfect.

Styrofoam Wall Panel Features- 3D Styrofoam wall panels, which are as effective as professional acoustic materials and give you an advantage in sound insulation, are special materials that do not bring outside noise in and prevent inside noise from coming out. With these properties, they are also preferred for decorations in study rooms, conference rooms, offices and workplaces.

– You can make thermal insulation with 3D Styrofoam wall panels, which have as much insulation as professional insulation materials, You save energy by making the air conditioning systems run more. With these properties, it is used as a thermal insulating coatings and as aesthetic decorations on the exterior of buildings.

– Because they are water resistant, they are not affected by rain, The colors do not fade when exposed to excessive rainfall, Panels, which do not lose their pattern and whose 3D design is not damaged, have been used on exterior facades for many years and have been preferred materials for interior decoration, especially in bathrooms.

– The decorations you make with three-dimensional styrofoam 3d wall panels, which are more common in spaces such as living rooms, will last a long time and will not get dirty because they do not retain dirt and stains.In case of dust, you can clean it with a damp cloth for hygienically clean and receive sterile decorations. Styrofoam wall panels are widely used in places such as hospitals and clinics where cleaning is very important.

3D Decorations

Styrofoam wall panels, which are specially made for those who are modern in addition to classic decorations like to make decorations, It is also produced as three-dimensional styrofoam wall panels in addition to models of classic colors and patterns, which allow you to achieve perfect decorations with their visual and decorative features. . You can make perfect 3d decorations by using panels with paved surfaces that can be applied anywhere thanks to their flexible properties, and you can make your decorations have the following properties.

1) Because they have paved surfaces, you protect your decoration against possible hard bumping. With panels that absorb hard shocks, your homes will have perfect 3D- have decorations and bring you an aesthetic advantage.

2) Because the hard surface styrofoam wall panels are produced in the colors you desire, you can easily achieve the colors that match your decoration. You can work miracles in your home when you want to change the color of the interior wall of your home. with styrofoam wall panels that you can paint in any color, or color you can change when your decoration is changed.

3) It is a material made of polystyrene foam. The materials, does not contain poisonous gas, gives does not release gas and has no content that threatens human health, thereby interior 3d decorations are healthy and elegant. One of the advantages is that the paint types that are used on the styrofoam wall panels you buy, will not harm the health of people and that they are not harmful to the environment because the material is environmentally friendly.

4) Styrofoam wall panel, does not let bacteria and viruses live, does not produce bacteria and has no properties that threaten your health. The panels offer you a high level of hygiene the field of hygiene. You can use styrofoam wall panels that do not retain stains and dirt dusting by cleaning with a damp cloth. With this property you can keep it for years because there is no color fading or loss of pattern during swiping.

5) Styrofoam wall panels, which belong in the B1 class fire-resistant material, do not fire, do not let no flames and it also prevents the growth of flames during fire. The polystyrene wall panels, which are an economical product and offer advantages in terms of costs, you can easily apply to the desired surface. Styrofoam wall panels are wall covering materials that you can cut to the desired size and glue on the surface, They are products with unlimited colors and pattern options that will suit your large surface can edit.