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Wood Pattern Facade Coating

To work and live by making more special and beautiful decorations in the place you live and in the areas you work. You can create wonders with the facade cladding materials you use to increase your motivation. Wall decorations made with exterior sheathing materials and styrofoam-based wood wall panels and While the facade decorations create aesthetic and visual walls decoratively, at the same time, heat and sound It also provides insulation. Wood patterns, the popular choice of recent years in facade cladding, want real You can do it with wood patterned wall panels if you want using wood. ESP based on styrofoam Wall panels made of materials and have many advantages because they are styrofoam-based Possibility to have different features besides creating decorative visuals and providing thermal insulation. provides. Wall panels, which provide advantages to you in terms of cost, are much more It is sold at economical prices and it does not require extra material for application. provides cost advantage. With the styrofoam wall panels you have such advantages, you can you have

1) Since they are facade cladding materials, you have unlimited color and pattern possibilities.Styrofoam in colors and patterns compatible with indoor and outdoor decorations in your home Since you have the opportunity to use wood wall panels, you can make decorative decorations, You can use it as you wish in your home.

2) Since it is styrofoam-based, wall panels with airless spaces in its structure are. It reduces heat permeability to a minimum by trapping heat. With this feature, it provides thermal insulation. Styrofoam wall panels are aesthetic decoration as well as thermal insulation on interior and exterior facades. It provides. In this way, you save money by reducing the amount of energy you will spend for heating and cooling .

3) Styrofoam wall panels, which are a styrofoam-based product, also provide you an advantage in terms of hygiene. TSE Panels produced using approved materials do not contain any toxic gases and gas it also does not swing. In addition, styrofoam wood wall panels that do not hold dirt and stains when they get dusty It can be wiped with a damp cloth. Surface colors may fade when you wipe them clean. you will protect the aesthetics of the surface for many years.

4) Styrofoam wall panels, which are very easy to apply, can be applied with an acrylic-based silicone. It is applied to the surface and stays in the same place for many years. In this way, you can paint the panels you want. You can use the house for as long as you want, you will not have to pay additional cost.

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