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Wood Style Wall Covering Panels

Wall covering with embellishing highlights are utilized in numerous zones, particularly in beautification. With its examples, colors and enhancing surfaces, divider boards that are utilized to design insides and living spaces are moreover utilized for protection purposes. Polystyrene divider boards in wood look, marble look, stone example and strong shading, which can be utilized as building materials for indoor and open air use, are sold at entirely moderate m2 costs.

Wall covering boards that are anything but easy to utilize, apply and shape, are viewed as the image of the most favored regular wood divider boards in your home. You can utilize the size you need as enrichment material. Boards estimating 120 x 50 x 2 – 4 cm, which you can apply overall, can without much of a stretch be cut utilizing a utility blade. Styrofoam divider boards, which you can use inside and outside with the assistance of silicone, are made by the standard measurements and have a normal load somewhere in the range of 2 and 2.5 kg. Since they are light, they don’t create static charge in the zone where they are utilized, and their structure doesn’t meddle with the static charge.

Wall covering boards, which you can use in the ideal example and shading, give you a clean advantage. With boards that don’t contain microscopic organisms and that forestall the development of microorganisms, you can establish a clean climate in your home. Since the crude materials utilized underway follow the guidelines and the principles of the Ministry of Health, styrofoam divider boards, that don’t contain any poisonous gases that are unsafe to wellbeing, are offered as pre-painted 3D divider boards with a wood and marble search for insides.

Styrofoam divider boards, which are top notch protecting materials regarding their protecting properties also, don’t lose their protecting properties over numerous years, can be favored as protecting materials for indoor and outside applications. Because of the Styrofoam, which has a low porousness coefficient, the divider boards, which have the attribute of a warm protection material, are additionally one of the ideal materials for sound protection. It offers the chance of shooting three winged creatures with one stone, since it very well may be utilized both for warm protection and as a divider covering with its ornamental surfaces.

Wall covering boards made of heat proof material of class B1, which don’t represent a danger to your wellbeing, have a place with the gathering of non-combustible and fire framing materials. The plates that had no water maintenance were kept in water for 1 year, yet held just 3.5% by volume. With this capacity you can use it as material for outside veneers.

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