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Bathroom And Toilet Decoration

In our homes, the decorations of the bathrooms decoration, toilets and kitchens have to match the humidity level

hardest to decorate, constantly being renewed. Humidity keep all materials in

the decoration will lose their properties over time. For this reason mainly had to go in

bathroom decorations are preferred to tiles that can withstand moisture longer than

other materials, while styrofoam wall panels are a new trend of bathrooms decoration products these overcome obligation. Styrofoam wall panels, which are not affected by

humidity and temperature differences, are nowadays used in all living areas,

work areas, outdoor decoration except wet areas. Styrofoam wall panel, which is indispensable as

alternative decoration products and has a place in all decorations, has an unlimited diversity

colors and patterns. Thanks to this feature, it is a product that you can use in the decoration wherever you want and can change the color by painting at any time.

Styrofoam wall panels, which retain their paint for the period of use when they are turned

painted, maintain the aesthetics of the surface throughout its life and that of this feature

preferred in wet areas, also have a heat insulating property. Thanks to

thermal insulation, the panels that do not give off the internal heat and prevent the

outside air temperatures do not affect the indoor temperature and make less use of the

technological systems you use to heat and cool your home. It is possible through

use less energy and create ideal living spaces.

You can paint the panels when you want to change the bathrooms decoration, that for a long time will have aesthetic decorations because they are not affected by humidity when used in it wet areas. Panels with unlimited colors and pattern diversity also have paintable ones characteristics. It is one of the special advantages, that the materials can be used more than 1 time be when you want. Styrofoam wall panels, which do not become permanently dirty because they do not retain stains and dirt, have the properties that you can wipe when dusting in the decoration, and also prevent you faces negative situations such as blurring and color loss when wiped.

Styrofoam wall panels, which you can use for exterior decoration, which are exposed to the sun do not cause problems such as sample loss and discoloration in climatic conditions or rain.

The panels, which acquire color and pattern on the paved surface with the printing technique, with these properties maintain their current status throughout their life. Styrofoam wall panels, which are sold at very competitive prices and you have the opportunity ideal materials to apply in a short time without additional costs for application make beautiful decorations in your home.

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