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3D Decorations

Styrofoam wall panels, which are specially made for those who are modern in addition to classic decorations like to make decorations, It is also produced as three-dimensional styrofoam wall panels in addition to models of classic colors and patterns, which allow you to achieve perfect decorations with their visual and decorative features. . You can make perfect 3d decorations by using panels with paved surfaces that can be applied anywhere thanks to their flexible properties, and you can make your decorations have the following properties.

1) Because they have paved surfaces, you protect your decoration against possible hard bumping. With panels that absorb hard shocks, your homes will have perfect 3D- have decorations and bring you an aesthetic advantage.

2) Because the hard surface styrofoam wall panels are produced in the colors you desire, you can easily achieve the colors that match your decoration. You can work miracles in your home when you want to change the color of the interior wall of your home. with styrofoam wall panels that you can paint in any color, or color you can change when your decoration is changed.

3) It is a material made of polystyrene foam. The materials, does not contain poisonous gas, gives does not release gas and has no content that threatens human health, thereby interior 3d decorations are healthy and elegant. One of the advantages is that the paint types that are used on the styrofoam wall panels you buy, will not harm the health of people and that they are not harmful to the environment because the material is environmentally friendly.

4) Styrofoam wall panel, does not let bacteria and viruses live, does not produce bacteria and has no properties that threaten your health. The panels offer you a high level of hygiene the field of hygiene. You can use styrofoam wall panels that do not retain stains and dirt dusting by cleaning with a damp cloth. With this property you can keep it for years because there is no color fading or loss of pattern during swiping.

5) Styrofoam wall panels, which belong in the B1 class fire-resistant material, do not fire, do not let no flames and it also prevents the growth of flames during fire. The polystyrene wall panels, which are an economical product and offer advantages in terms of costs, you can easily apply to the desired surface. Styrofoam wall panels are wall covering materials that you can cut to the desired size and glue on the surface, They are products with unlimited colors and pattern options that will suit your large surface can edit.

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