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3D Wall Decorations

The 3d wall panel decorations, which have become very popular today due to being more attractive and having more visual characteristics than classic decorations, are decorations that you can create in a short time at a low cost. It is produced by using ESP Styrofoam materials in your decorations.

With the help of 3D styrofoam wall panels you have unlimited colors and pattern options for your wall decorations. You can create wonders in your home with 3d wall panel that can be specially produced for all the types of decoration you want, dream or can’t do. Designed from modern and innovative ideas of decoration, With special motifs and patterns, Styrofoam wall panels have different characteristics due to their decorative visual features and are based on Styrofoam.

With the Styrofoam 3d wall panel, which is divided in two in terms of physical and structural characteristics and at the same time offers you many advantages, you can create very stylish decorations in your home and make your home perfect.

Styrofoam Wall Panel Features- 3D Styrofoam wall panels, which are as effective as professional acoustic materials and give you an advantage in sound insulation, are special materials that do not bring outside noise in and prevent inside noise from coming out. With these properties, they are also preferred for decorations in study rooms, conference rooms, offices and workplaces.

– You can make thermal insulation with 3D Styrofoam wall panels, which have as much insulation as professional insulation materials, You save energy by making the air conditioning systems run more. With these properties, it is used as a thermal insulating coatings and as aesthetic decorations on the exterior of buildings.

– Because they are water resistant, they are not affected by rain, The colors do not fade when exposed to excessive rainfall, Panels, which do not lose their pattern and whose 3D design is not damaged, have been used on exterior facades for many years and have been preferred materials for interior decoration, especially in bathrooms.

– The decorations you make with three-dimensional styrofoam 3d wall panels, which are more common in spaces such as living rooms, will last a long time and will not get dirty because they do not retain dirt and stains.In case of dust, you can clean it with a damp cloth for hygienically clean and receive sterile decorations. Styrofoam wall panels are widely used in places such as hospitals and clinics where cleaning is very important.

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