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Wooden Exterior Wall Covering.

Styrofoam 3d wall panels, which have become popular materials with economical prices in exterior decoration, are constantly used by decorators, interior designers and designers, and are offered to you with different models. It can be the outer part of the building exhausts look just like wood patterns with the wood exterior siding panel. You can contribute to it that your building looks like wooden structures. Due to the fact that it is styrofoam-based materials, with the wooden cladding that has many functions, you can achieve the following functions use.

  • Because they have a hardened surface, they absorb impact and are resistant to hard ones shocks. With these properties, Styrofoam wall panels, which are used as exterior cladding material and aesthetic facade decorations with wooden patterns, you have the advantage with their economical prices.
  • The wooden façade cladding is produced as standard in the dimensions 200 x 50 x 4 cm. You the product, which you can use with the combination technology for large areas, easy to resize using a knife for smaller surfaces.
  • Wooden facade cladding 3d wall panels, which are very light materials, do not cause building static ta with this feature, it is widely used as a covering material both provides heat as sound insulation to exterior walls and the building is not subject to extra stress lightness.
  • The wooden exterior cladding panel, which is very successful in thermal insulation, is its materials that do not transfer the outside temperature indoors, the heat transfer by 45 percent and give you an advantage with this function by saving energy indoors.
  • The wooden facade cladding panel for exterior facade, which is very successful in thermal insulation because it has no water retention and is not permeable, shows the environment of the building more aesthetic with its wood patterns and extends the life of the building because it has no retains water.
  • in the field of sound insulation, it has a very successful wall covering material, the panel reduces outside noise by 54 percent. Air holes are formed in it polystyrene foam thanks to the raw materials used during production as 3d wall panels of Styrofoam. Since sound does not have the ability to spread in the air cavity, it improves the quality inside by providing sound insulation.
  • Another advantage offered to you is that it does not have its insulation function for long periods. By having heat and sound insulation for years with its insulating function, you can increase your quality of life.

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