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Children’s Room Decorations

The materials to be used in decorating are on the one hand economical, on the other hand decorative and you can keep it for years. Thanks to these properties it gives you a great advantage. Styrofoam wall panels, which in decorations are a material with these characteristics, especially in baby room decor, are an alternative for those who want to make hygienic decorations. ESP based styrofoam wall panels with many features have unlimited color pattern options so you can use them wherever you want and create the decorations you want even for baby room decor.

Styrofoam wall panel, which can be applied in a very short time and which saves you time in processing time, is a material that is very easy to apply. Being light also offers an advantage in terms of construction. The simple application also saves you time during processing.

Styrofoam wall panel, which is a waterproof material and allows you to have an insulating function because it is waterproof, also offers you an advantage in terms of heat and sound insulation. The decorative features of the decoration you create with the panels, which are very durable in terms of outdoor weather conditions and have decorative features in addition to their weather insulation, nothing happens throughout their lives.

Once you use the Styrofoam wall panel, which is a paintable product, you can paint in the colors you want. The decorations you make with Styrofoam wall panels, which can be repainted over and over, are used as durable materials. The Styrofoam wall panel, approved by the Ministry and classified as a class B1 non-flammable material, protects the building against fire as it is a non-flammable and non-walking material.

Wall panel made of styrofoam with anti-static property reduces dirt and stains due to this property. With dust you can clean it by wiping it, this gives you an extra advantage. Panels that can be wiped with a damp cloth will not be damaged during cleaning. Styrofoam wall panels, which are highly resistant materials to conditions such as humidity, can be used for years, especially on exterior façades in wet areas.

Styrofoam wall panels, which are very economical materials compared to equivalent decoration products, are a material that has no application cost, saves you labor and time, and can easily stick with an acrylic based silicone. Apart from being a natural material, it is also an environmentally friendly material, the Styrofoam wall panel, which is one of the properties it offers, does not contain any factor that threatens your health and baby room decor.

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