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Concept 3D Wall Panel

The three-dimensional wall panel Consept, with longitudinal mountain motifs, is standard in white produced in the dimensions 50 x 50 cm. Consept 3 dimensional wall panel are used throughout halls, living rooms, waiting rooms, cafes and restaurants. It is a product where 4 plates become used for 1 m2 and each box is presented to you as 3 m2. The wall panel, which is included with purchase layers of 3 and 3 m2 are sold, are offered in white and can be easily combined with all types of paint are painted. Consept 3d wall art panel, which has surfaces that can become painted with all types of paint, such as cellulose paint types, oil paint types, exterior paints, diluent facade paints, water-based paints and automotive paints, can easily be used painted because it has paved surfaces. With this feature, it can be painted in colors that compatible with the decoration in the area where it is used and wall panels covering the decorations more elegant also contribute to warmth and sound insulation at a professional level.

Thanks to the 3-dimensional wall panel Consept, which with its washable and wipeable properties creates hygienic walls in the house, you also leave the burden of stains and dirt away. Because the hard surfaces can be easily wiped, have the panels, which are easy to clean no water-retaining properties and the wet areas become more beautiful and decorative made. By combining them according to the dimensions you want in areas with wet spots such as bathrooms and kitchens. Panels, which you can use by making them in small sizes with using a Stanley knife, offer you the advantage of having thermal insulation. . When you choose for the concept 3D wall panel, you also have the following properties.

  • Thanks to the 3d wall art panel Consept, which is professional in thermal insulation and a very low heat permeability prevents the heat from the indoor environment to the external environment and minimize the energy you spend on air conditioning.
  • With the 3-dimensional wall panel Consept, which is also professional in sound insulation, you do not have to bring in the outside sounds. With a very high sound insulation you hit lost all sounds.
  • The 3-dimensional 3d wall art panel from Consept, which protects you against moisture problems, heat and sound insulation, is a moisture resistant material and provides with its water-repellent properties long-term use in wet areas. Thanks to these properties, it offers 3-dimensional wall panel concept, which is also used for exterior decoration an advantage to your cost and is it economical.

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