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Impact Exterior Stone Wall Panel

Because nowadays huge costs are required for processes such as cladding, cladding and stones upholstery, these materials are offered in various designs, patterns and motifs. The exterior wall panel, which are used with a thickness of 2 cm for interior and 4 cm for exterior walls, are produced in special colors and patterns. The impact stone exterior wall panel is one special wall panel model that consists of the combination of yellow and light beige tones horizontal and vertical integrated patterns. The characteristics of the impact stone exterior wall panel, which are sold at very economical prices and are used in certain sizes is as follows:

  • One of the advantages is that it gives you an advantage in terms of thermal insulation and that it can withstand the outdoor climate and weather conditions for years. You can create decorative exterior cladding with the Impact stone exterior wall panel, which helps you to save heat because the heat permeability is very low.
  • With its sound insulating function, the impact wall panel prevents you from using the offers the possibility to create ideal living spaces and the sound permeability of more than 50 percent blocked. Not only is it an economical material, it can also be used as a heat and sound insulation material, these are just two of the benefits it offers you offers.
  • Impact stone exterior wall panel, is an exterior cladding material that absorbs hard impacts thanks to its impact resistant property and will not be damaged due to its flexibility against it bumps, it is a product that is no different from the original stones with its stone patterns. Styrofoam wall panel, which is used in outdoor coating processes and has an advantage as a very economical product, has hygienic cleanable properties.
  • Styrofoam wall panel, which can be wiped down 10 percent, is a material that can be does not lose insulation and cartridges when wiped, does not contain toxic gas and does not flammable properties. The product you are buying as a stone slab wall panel which has no water-holding function, is not affected by the rain and does not hold water fixed.

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