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Decoration In Walls

If you want to decorate, materials that are practical can give you an advantage in terms of time and costs. Styrofoam wall art panels are a very special material that gives you an application advantage on this topic. The fact that it is Styrofoam based material and glued with silicone gives you an advantage for practical decorations.

No additional metal construction is required for installation, it does not entail application costs and it can be easily done without the need for a technician, allowing for quick fixation. Styrofoam wall panels, which giving you an advantage for practical decorations will also give you an advantage in terms of cost.

The decorations that you make with panels, which are sold at very competitive prices in comparison with their equivalent products and which do not entail application costs are in very short time and are used for years. In places such as bathrooms and toilets, you do not need to constantly renew the decoration because of moisture. The polystyrene wall art panels, which are resistant to water, are not

affected by moisture and heat change, do not come off the surface, they are applied once for years. Styrofoam wall panels, which do not hinder the application of the surface of the installation, because they are rough and allow you to obtain smooth surfaces when applying, you unlimited colors and pattern options. This way you can use your bathroom, toilet and outside of the house decorate in the colors and patterns you want.

Styrofoam wall panels, which are subjected to surface hardening and withstand severe impact as their surface hardens, will not be damaged by absorbing impacts with these properties. The panels, which are resistant to hard shocks, are also water-resistant materials and do not become heavy, do not fall out of place or create loads that compromise the static electricity of the structure.

Styrofoam wall panels used for exterior decoration remain unaffected by precipitation for years. Unaffected by adverse conditions such as heat and humidity in exterior decorations, the panels belong to the class of fire-resistant materials and protect your home against fire. The fact that it is a non-combustible material with class B1 non-combustible materials prevents the spread of fire at the moment of fire.

Polystyrene wall art panels, which are not bacteria-resistant and do not contain bacteria, also help you create hygienic decorations. Thanks to its anti-static property, the panels that do not get dirty and smudge-free can be wiped clean when they get dusty. You will be able to maintain the aesthetics of the surface for years to come, as you will not lose color during the process.

You can make both sound and heat insulation with polystyrene wall panels that you can use as a professional insulation material. You can use a Styrofoam wall art panel to create living spaces that match your ideal living comfort.

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