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Wall Panels For Kitchens

One of the problems you run into with kitchen decorations is how to divide the space between the countertop and to decorate the kitchen cabinet. Today, decorations made with tiles and ceramics take care of it that the grout will fall off and that the tiles will loosen over time due to moisture.

Instead Of this method, which is costly and short-lived, Styrofoam wall panels offer the latter product of construction technology, you have the opportunity to decorate at a low cost and you equipped with wall coverings in colors that are compatible with the kitchen decoration. The properties of the Styrofoam wallcovering, which are ESP Styrofoam based material and give you many benefits during application are as follows.

  • Styrofoam wallcovering, which you can use in the colors and patterns you want, makes your ownkitchen decorations more vivid and colorful. It is also very easy to apply styrofoam, with which you can create aesthetically perfect wall decorations that match the colors of the kitchen cabinet and the counter.
  • Factors such as humidity and temperature differences that occur in your kitchen cause that wall coverings lose their properties over time, while styrofoam wall panels, which wear up Styrofoam based material will not be affected by these negativities.
    • This is what your kitchen looks like always look decorative with the panels that have a very long life. Since the temperature in the area around the stove in the kitchen will raise, instead of constantly the wall covering in this section, you can do it once and use a lifetime wall decoration by one wall panel.
  • Because it is resistant to moisture and the adhesives are not affected by the moisture, you can use a have durable wall coverings and at the same time contribute to the heat insulation and sound insulation in your kitchen. Styrofoam wall panels, which have both insulating properties and professional ones insulating materials are used as insulating material in exterior decorations and facades with casing.

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