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3D Styrofoam Wall Panels

In line with the development technology, improvements in building materials and 3D wall panels have been developed. Thanks to the three-dimensional motifs in combination with colors and patterns, the decor in the interior and living areas are becoming ever more special. Styrofoam wall panels with 3D patterns make interesting and elegant decorations in areas such as cafes, restaurants and work offices. With 3D Styrofoam wall panels you can create stylish wall decorations in living rooms, especially in damp rooms, as well as ceiling coverings in cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers. Styrofoam wall panels, which you can use for all interior facades and walls, offer not only sound insulation but also many other features.

  • As a professional acoustic material, 3D Styrofoam wall panels allow you to create spectacular decorations that you can use in entertainment centers, cafés and restaurants with their decor features, thus attracting your customers’ attention.
  • Styrofoam wall panels, which have both thermal and acoustic insulation, prevent outside temperatures from affecting indoor temperatures, help maintain indoor temperatures and help reduce your energy consumption in summer and winter. Especially for cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers, playgrounds and air conditioners, which are heated or cooled over a longer period of time, the energy saving is very important.
  • Styrofoam wall panels, which offer you an unlimited choice of designs and colors, give you unlimited choice of 3D designs. Thanks to the 3D designs that are compatible with the decorations you make at home, you can make great decor.
  • You can decorate the exterior of the building perfectly with 3D Styrofoam wall panels used for exterior decorations and cladding processes, and you can sign wonderful outdoor decorations with an economical budget.
  • 3D Styrofoam wall panels with hard and flexible surfaces that will not fade, lose color or lose their appearance, even during prolonged outdoor use, are the materials you can use for many years regardless of seasonal conditions.
  • Styrofoam wall panels, with which you can create visually stunning decor with three-dimensional patterns and motifs that are used in all areas where people stop, are products that you favor due to their non-burning properties, their flame retardancy and their perfect products Can buy prices. You can use it as a decoration product in any area, which you can easily apply with the help of silicone during the application.

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