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Wood-looking wall panels

Wall panels with decorative features are used in many areas, especially in the home decoration. With its patterns, colors and decorative surfaces, wall panels used to decorate interiors and living spaces are also used for insulation purposes. Styrofoam wall panels in wood look, marble look, stone pattern and solid color, which can be used as building material for the interior and exterior facade, are sold at very reasonable m2 prices.

Styrofoam wall panels that are easy to use, apply and shape are considered the symbol of the most preferred natural wood wall panels. You can use the desired size in your home decoration material. 120 x 50 x 2 – 4 cm panels that you can apply as a whole can be easily cut using a utility knife. Styrofoam wall panels, which can be used inside and outside with the help of silicone, are manufactured according to the standard dimensions and have an average weight between 2 and 2.5 kg. Since they are lightweight, they do not cause static electricity in the area where they are used and their structure does not disturb the static charge.

Styrofoam wall panels, which you can use in the desired structure and color, give you a hygienic advantage. You can create a healthy home by using panels that contain no bacteria and prevent the growth of bacteria. So you can use it safely in home decoration. As the raw materials used in the production comply with the TSE standards and the Ministry of Health standards, Styrofoam wall panels containing no harmful toxic gases will be presented to your liking as wood-like, marble-like, pre-painted interior 3D wall panels.

Styrofoam wall panels, which are a high quality insulation material and do not lose their insulating ability for many years, can be preferred as insulation material for indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to the Styrofoam, which has a very low permeability coefficient, wall panels with thermal insulation properties are also ideal materials for sound insulation. It offers both sound and heat insulation and can be used as a wall covering with its decorative surfaces so you can shoot three flies with one stone.

Styrofoam wall panels of fire protection class B1 are harmless to health and belong to the group of flame retardant materials. Although the plates did not retain any water, they remained in the water for only 1 year, but retained only 3.5% by volume. This feature allows you to use it as a material for exterior facades.

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