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With the evolving construction technology, new panels were added to the 3D wall panels made after two-dimensional panels and three-dimensional panels with motifs were made. 3D Styrofoam wall panels, which are commonly used in interior design, are used in decorations with their aesthetic and decorative appearance in our homes, workplaces, work areas and shopping centers. The aesthetic surfaces that make up their decorative appearance are hardened surfaces and can remain intact for many years. 3D Styrofoam wall panels, which have other properties besides optical ones, are special materials used in cafes, restaurants, clinics, private hospitals, ceiling and wall decorations. Styrofoam wall panels that have the characteristics of insulation, hygiene, fire resistance and protection of your health are sold at very reasonable prices. The advantages of the panels that you can use to decorate your home can be listed as follows:

  • Containing numerous motifs and patterns as 3D wall panels, it also offers numerous color options to match your interior design.
  • 3D Styrofoam wall panels that can be lacquered and painted in a variety of colors at any time, as their color will not spill when the cured surfaces are painted, are decorative products that you can use for years to come.
  • Produced in 120 x 50 x 2 – 4 cm size, there is no difference in the visual styrofoam wall panels with a large surface in the visual decorations and motifs that complement each other, offers the opportunity to use them for many years. If the job is to be done in areas smaller than the board dimensions, you can easily cut to the desired dimensions using a utility knife.
  • Styrofoam wall panels, which offer you many hygienic benefits, do not produce bacteria because there is no habitat for bacteria. Acrylic silicone, which you can safely use indoors, is an environmentally friendly material that is used in houses for bonding wall panels. It is environmentally friendly, does not release toxic gases and is not harmful to your health. You can use the panels for many years after gluing with Acrysilikon are environmentally friendly products.
  • Styrofoam wall panels, which are also fireproof and made of Class B1 refractory materials, have properties that prevent the spread of fire and protect you from the spread of flame. Although styrofoam-based appears to be a disadvantage, it is your advantage that it is fireproof.

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