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Styrofoam Based Wall Panels

Last updated on 29 Nisan 2021

Styrofoam wall panels

Styrofoam wall panels, which are produced as a standard in the dimensions of 120 x 50 x 2- 4 cm, and you can use by shrinking them to the size you want, have unlimited color and pattern varieties with stone patterns, concrete patterns, wood patterns, and marble patterns.

You can use polystyrene-based wall panels, which you can supply in the colors and patterns you want, in order to make the decorations you want, in interior wall walls, ceiling decoration or exterior decoration applications. Panels, which are professional decoration materials and add elegance to your homes with their surface aesthetics, are stain-proof, non-polluting materials with antistatic properties.

You can make stylish decorations in your home thanks to the panels that do not hold permanent stains and dirt, and are among the advantages that you can clean by wiping them when dusted. You can have an aesthetic decoration for many years in that you do not experience any negativity such as color fading, color loss, pattern loss in the deletion process.

With Styrofoam wall panels, which are materials that you can paint with unlimited colors and patterns and can be painted whenever you want, you can get the color you want for your decorations in your home. Thanks to the polystyrene based wall panels that can be easily painted with all types of paint, you can bring the decorations you dream of in your homes.

Being a light material, it does not hold water and does not create weight because it does not hold water. polystyrene based wall panels, which are water-repellent and retain only 3 percent of their weight when kept in water throughout the year, have an average weight of 2 kg. The panels that you can use in bathrooms and toilets can also be used in exterior decoration.

You can preserve the temperature of your home in your decorations with Styrofoam wall panels, which have thermal and sound insulation properties and also have insulation feature because it is a styrofoam-based material. Styrofoam based wall panels, which are also used in exterior sheathing applications as they are a thermal insulation material, ensure that the external environment sounds are absorbed by 50 percent with their sound insulation feature.

The decorations you will make with styrofoam based wall panels that do not lose their isolation feature and maintain this feature for a long time will also be sterile and hygienic decorations. Styrofoam wall panels, which do not contain bacteria, are not suitable for bacterial life, do not hold dirt, stains and dust with their antistatic properties, are materials that are sold at very economical prices compared to other decoration materials. You can apply the styrofoam based wall panels that have no application cost and do not require an application master as you wish, and you can make the decorations you dream of.

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