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Styrofoam Lycia Wall Panel

Lycia wall panel, which is preferred as interior and exterior cladding material, is offered to you with two different options in 2 cm – 4 cm thickness. While all the features of the wall panel, which you can choose as thin or thick, depending on your room volume, are the same, only the thicknesses differ. Having an unlimited range of colors, patterns and textures for the decorations you have made or are planning to make in your home is just one of the advantages offered to you. Lycia wall panel, which provides maximum insulation in terms of heat and sound insulation and is also used as an insulation product, is an insulation product you can choose for creating aesthetic decorations on the exterior.

Styrofoam wall panels that you can apply on painted and unpainted surfaces also have surfaces that are specially hardened against impacts. Thanks to its shock-absorbing feature, Lycia wall panel that provide long-term use on exterior facades and allow you to make aesthetic wall decorations on interior walls do not lose their insulation properties. Thanks to the panels that have preserved their insulation feature for many years, you have the opportunity to save for many years in both sound and heat insulation and to provide a high level of comfort. Styrofoam wall panels that you can use as an insulation product on interior and exterior walls have the following features.

  • Since they are resistant to heat, temperature difference and seasonal effects of the external environment, they save you for many years.
  • Since they are environmentally friendly products, they do not harm the nature, do not contain bacteria, and do not allow bacteria to reproduce. It provides savings for air conditioning indoors with its heat insulation feature in summer and winter.
  • Styrofoam wall panels, which are very economical compared to other insulation materials in terms of home product cost, which are easy to apply, are presented to you with ready-painted, stone-patterned, 3d models.
  • As a coating material that does not need any ground for the application surface and can be easily applied to all floors, it provides you an advantage during application.
  • Due to the lack of water retention feature, it does not hold water on rainy days and does not create static weight for your building.
  • The styrofoam wall panel, which you can easily apply with the help of silicone, is produced in TSE and CE standards to be durable.
  • When it is used as an exterior cladding material, you can paint on it whenever you want, so it provides your convenience in exterior decoration.
  • When used indoors, it does not pose a risk against fire, since it does not have flame retaining properties, does not have the characteristics of the flame to move or grow.
  • Since it does not contain toxic gas, it does not have a negative effect on human health.
  • It provides warm interiors in winter and cool interiors in summer.

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