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Ay: Mayıs 2021

Fireproof Wall Decorations

It is very important to make safe decorations using fireproof materials as well as to make aesthetic decorations in home decorations. You do not have to spend huge budgets to provide aesthetic decorations and also to make fire-resistant decorations for your home that are safe for your health. Styrofoam wall panels, which are fireproof materials and are included in the B1 class fireproof materials list, protect your homes from fire with these features. Panels, which are a non-flammable material and do not allow flames to travel, prevent the spread of fire in case of fire and provide life safety. Styrofoam wall panels, which are professional decoration materials, are preferred for their hygienic properties as well as their fireproof properties. Styrofoam wall panels, which are produced using TSE approved materials and do not pose a risk to your health, are a material that does not disintegrate and does not crumble during its use. The panels that do not contain bacteria and do not allow the reproduction of bacteria and pests do not contain any factors that may threaten your health.

Styrofoam wall panels, an environmentally friendly material, are used in decorations as panels that do not emit any gas, do not contain toxic gases and allow you to make hygienic decorations. Styrofoam wall panels, which have unlimited color and pattern varieties, provide you with the opportunity to decorate in any color and color tones you want, and provide the opportunity to make healthy and hygienic decorations in areas such as baby rooms and children’s rooms. Styrofoam wall panels used to make healthy, decorative and insulated decoration, which is the dream of everyone who wants to decorate, especially housewives, also have insulation feature. With panels that have heat and sound insulation features, you can preserve the indoor temperature and prevent the interior sounds from coming out. Styrofoam wall panels, which are professional heat and sound insulation materials, are also used in exterior insulation applications due to their aesthetic decorations.

Thanks to the styrofoam wall panels, which is a material resistant to moisture and humidity, you can decorate all areas of your home with moisture and humidity as you wish, and you can make them perfect living spaces from visual vaccination. Thanks to the styrofoam wall panels that can adhere to all surfaces and do not come off the surfaces they are attached to, you can make the decorations you want in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens in wet areas, and you can use styrofoam wall panels in exterior decoration. You can create wonderful decorations in your homes with styrofoam wall panels, which are very advantageous materials in terms of cost. Styrofoam wall panels, which give you an advantage in every aspect, can make the decorations you want and dream of in homes, workplaces, cafes, hospitals, living spaces.

Fireproof Wall Panels

Wonderful decorations materials you will make in your home should be made of colorful, patterned and aesthetic materials as well as materials that will provide you convenience. Styrofoam wall panels are a decoration material that you will have an advantage in this issue and they do not have a burning feature. It is in B1 class incombustible materials. It is non-flammable and protects your home against fire by preventing the spread of flames. You can make your home safer places with the decorations you will make in your homes with styrofoam wall panels.

Styrofoam wall panels; These are the materials that have hardened surfaces, and the desired colors and patterns are printed by printing. Since the paints used in printing technology have fireproof properties, they are used as fire resistant panels. Styrofoam wall panels that you can use in all wonderful decorations from professional decorations to amateur decorations provide you with an aesthetic advantage. With styrofoam wall panels with unlimited color and pattern variety, you can make the wonderful decorations you dream of in your home and place the colors you dream of in your home. Styrofoam wall panels, which are sold at very economical prices in terms of cost, are produced as standard in two different thicknesses as 120 x 50 x 2- 4 cm. You can cut the panels applied with the joining technique on wide surfaces or in narrow areas or local decorations, bring them to the desired dimensions and apply them. You can make wonderful decorations with styrofoam wall panels that you can bring up to the size you want with the help of the maker knife.

Styrofoam wall panels, which are light materials, are also decoration products that are easy to apply. Styrofoam wall panels, which you can easily apply without the need for an application master, also create an advantage in terms of time, as they are applied in a short time. Using acrylic-based silicone, you can easily do the bonding process yourself. It is enough to wait a few minutes for the silicone to dry. At the end of this period, you make a surface application that does not require repair or repair anymore.

Styrofoam wall panel, which is a material that does not produce bacteria, does not contain bacteria and does not lose its insulation feature during its use, is also a material that does not lose its properties and dispersion during use. With these features, styrofoam wall panels that allow you to create wonders in your homes also contribute to hygienic and sterile decorations. You can decorate whenever you want with the styrofoam wall panel that you can use in areas where hygiene is important, such as baby rooms, workplaces, work offices.

You can realize the decorations you dream of with the styrofoam wall panels that give you the advantage in every aspect and give you the opportunity to make economical decoration.

Innovative Decoration Products

 Decoration is an application that maintains its importance in every period and requires care. For this reason, new decoration materials are developed every period. Styrofoam wall panels are also a material developed for the application of innovative decoration and to be completed in a short time. Thanks to the fact that it is a styrofoam-based material and low temperatures are sufficient for surface hardening, the panels whose surfaces are hardened have unlimited color and pattern diversity. The panels that will include the colors and patterns you want, and you can create wonders in your homes and workplaces with visually new and modern designs, are also produced as brick, marble, concrete, stone, wood pattern. With the panels produced as 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional styrofoam wall panels, you can make innovative decoration in your homes in a short time. The unlimited choice of motifs and patterns allows you to make decorations suitable for your style. Styrofoam wall panels, which give you an advantage with their physical features besides their visual features, have become an indispensable material for decoration applications.

  • It is styrofoam-based, flexible, hardened surface, and has made it resistant to hard impacts, thanks to its flexible structure, it has the feature of reducing the intensity of impact and not being damaged. In this way, it protects your decoration against possible impact indoors and outdoors.
  • Styrofoam wall panels sold at economical prices are sold as standard sized plates. According to the surface area you will apply, you can cut the panels that you can use plate by plate with the help of a knife, and you can easily use them to decorate smaller areas. Styrofoam panels, which have the feature of being an innovative decoration product, are products that can be easily brought to the dimensions you want and you can give the shape you want.
  • Styrofoam wall panel, which can be painted at any time, the surface is not damaged during the painting process, and you can paint over and over according to the colors of the decoration, it also helps you to make different decorations. Being a product that can be easily applied and dyed is among the advantages of it.
  • Although it is styrofoam-based, it brings the burning problem to mind, because the raw materials used are B1 class fireproof materials, the styrofoam wall panel is in the class of fireproof materials. Panels that are not flammable and prevent the growth of fire because they do not allow flames to walk are within the scope of the measures to be taken to protect against fire.

You can use styrofoam wall panels, which provide advantages in every respect, indoors as well as outdoors, you can make wonderful decorations, and create interior spaces that are quiet and have seasonal temperatures thanks to their heat and sound insulation feature.

Elegant Panel Models

3D modern wall panels that you can use for decorations in your home are nowadays in our lives as modern and elegant decoration elements. Classical style wall panels and 3D modern wall panels with elegant models as well as plain models are preferred by decoration experts in your home, office, study room, clinics and hospitals. Thanks to the technology of building materials, the panels, where you have unlimited choices in color and pattern, are produced on the basis of styrofoam. Panels, which have many different features as styrofoam-based panels, can provide aesthetic surfaces as well as provide heat and sound insulation when used in decorations, you can decorate your home in a hygienic way, and give your home a different atmosphere.

Thermal insulation is the processes that are specially made today, and special thermal insulation materials are used to reduce the outdoor temperatures and indoor temperatures with sheathing processes. With 3D modern wall panels, you can both act as insulation and perform the thermal insulation process together with the decoration, and you can also make sound insulation in addition. You can provide sound insulation thanks to the panels that prevent the indoor sounds from coming out and increase your quality of life by preventing the outside sounds from entering inside thanks to the evacuated gaps in the styrofoam. You can make decorative decorations in sound recording studios, offices and study rooms thanks to the 3D modern wall panels used with both aesthetic surfaces and sound insulation properties.

Since it is a moisture-resistant material, adhered with acrylic-based adhesive silicones and is not affected by moisture, you can ensure it stays where it is applied for many years. In this way, you can use the styrofoam wall panel you have applied once as you wish, and when you want to change your decoration, you can easily change the colors of the panels with the painting process. It provides the opportunity to renew your decorations whenever you want to be a paintable material, as well as the opportunity to easily change the colors of your home according to the seasons.

You can make wonderful bathroom decorations by using styrofoam wall panels that are not affected by humidity and heat increase in the decoration of wet areas. Instead of the decorations that you have to constantly renew in your bathroom, once you apply a styrofoam wall panel, you can create wonders in your bathrooms as well as in your homes, and you can choose different colors in bathroom decorations with color change. 3D modern wall panels, which are very easy to apply and do not come off again when applied, are sold at very economical prices. Styrofoam wall materials, which are very economical products compared to wall covering materials, are a special material that can be used in all living spaces of your home, with unlimited color and pattern options, allowing you to make a different decoration in each room

Amazing Facade Decorations

Interior and exterior decorations are the most time-consuming decorations that visually make our home more aesthetic. Since interior decorations make the general decoration a more elegant decoration, they should be decorated using special materials. Thanks to the developing construction technology, the styrofoam wall panels, which are offered to you as very economical decoration materials, meet your needs in facade decorations.

Styrofoam wall panels, which have unlimited color and pattern variety and can be applied as you wish, because they adhere to all surfaces smoothly, allow you to save economically compared to other facade cladding materials. With very economical prices, square meter-based panels can be applied to large surfaces with the joining technique, while for smaller surfaces, it is cut with a utility knife to the desired dimensions and applied. Styrofoam wall panels, which are very easy to apply and can be easily adhered to desired surfaces with acrylic-based silicones, have the following features.

Unlimited color and pattern options are offered to you, including classic models for facade decorations and 3-dimensional styrofoam wall panels. You can choose and use the color you want for the decoration you want, and when you want to change the decoration color or make a new decoration application, you can change the color by painting. Styrofoam wall panels, which are advantageous for you in terms of usage features, have functional usage features.

Styrofoam wall panels, which provide sound and heat insulation as well as professional insulation materials in heat and sound insulation, do not lose their insulation feature, are also used as exterior insulation materials. It helps you to make exterior facade decorations with its decorative surfaces and thermal insulation feature. You can get stone patterns, marble patterns, concrete patterns, exterior facades with wooden look with the panels that are produced as standard with a thickness of 120 x 50 x 4 cm and used on exterior facades.

Styrofoam wall panels, which are a material that is preferred in exterior decoration because they are water-repellent and resistant to external weather conditions, do not create an extra weight for your building as they do not hold water in excessive rainfall. Styrofoam-based panels, which are a material that is resistant to moisture and humidity, are therefore resistant to outdoor weather conditions. Styrofoam wall panels, which are resistant to temperature differences and temperature changes and are not affected until the end of their service life, are used extensively on exterior facades as well as interiors. The fact that it is a fireproof material ensures that your exterior decorations are resistant to fire.