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Elegant Panel Models

3D modern wall panels that you can use for decorations in your home are nowadays in our lives as modern and elegant decoration elements. Classical style wall panels and 3D modern wall panels with elegant models as well as plain models are preferred by decoration experts in your home, office, study room, clinics and hospitals. Thanks to the technology of building materials, the panels, where you have unlimited choices in color and pattern, are produced on the basis of styrofoam. Panels, which have many different features as styrofoam-based panels, can provide aesthetic surfaces as well as provide heat and sound insulation when used in decorations, you can decorate your home in a hygienic way, and give your home a different atmosphere.

Thermal insulation is the processes that are specially made today, and special thermal insulation materials are used to reduce the outdoor temperatures and indoor temperatures with sheathing processes. With 3D modern wall panels, you can both act as insulation and perform the thermal insulation process together with the decoration, and you can also make sound insulation in addition. You can provide sound insulation thanks to the panels that prevent the indoor sounds from coming out and increase your quality of life by preventing the outside sounds from entering inside thanks to the evacuated gaps in the styrofoam. You can make decorative decorations in sound recording studios, offices and study rooms thanks to the 3D modern wall panels used with both aesthetic surfaces and sound insulation properties.

Since it is a moisture-resistant material, adhered with acrylic-based adhesive silicones and is not affected by moisture, you can ensure it stays where it is applied for many years. In this way, you can use the styrofoam wall panel you have applied once as you wish, and when you want to change your decoration, you can easily change the colors of the panels with the painting process. It provides the opportunity to renew your decorations whenever you want to be a paintable material, as well as the opportunity to easily change the colors of your home according to the seasons.

You can make wonderful bathroom decorations by using styrofoam wall panels that are not affected by humidity and heat increase in the decoration of wet areas. Instead of the decorations that you have to constantly renew in your bathroom, once you apply a styrofoam wall panel, you can create wonders in your bathrooms as well as in your homes, and you can choose different colors in bathroom decorations with color change. 3D modern wall panels, which are very easy to apply and do not come off again when applied, are sold at very economical prices. Styrofoam wall materials, which are very economical products compared to wall covering materials, are a special material that can be used in all living spaces of your home, with unlimited color and pattern options, allowing you to make a different decoration in each room

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