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Innovative Decoration Products

 Decoration is an application that maintains its importance in every period and requires care. For this reason, new decoration materials are developed every period. Styrofoam wall panels are also a material developed for the application of innovative decoration and to be completed in a short time. Thanks to the fact that it is a styrofoam-based material and low temperatures are sufficient for surface hardening, the panels whose surfaces are hardened have unlimited color and pattern diversity. The panels that will include the colors and patterns you want, and you can create wonders in your homes and workplaces with visually new and modern designs, are also produced as brick, marble, concrete, stone, wood pattern. With the panels produced as 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional styrofoam wall panels, you can make innovative decoration in your homes in a short time. The unlimited choice of motifs and patterns allows you to make decorations suitable for your style. Styrofoam wall panels, which give you an advantage with their physical features besides their visual features, have become an indispensable material for decoration applications.

  • It is styrofoam-based, flexible, hardened surface, and has made it resistant to hard impacts, thanks to its flexible structure, it has the feature of reducing the intensity of impact and not being damaged. In this way, it protects your decoration against possible impact indoors and outdoors.
  • Styrofoam wall panels sold at economical prices are sold as standard sized plates. According to the surface area you will apply, you can cut the panels that you can use plate by plate with the help of a knife, and you can easily use them to decorate smaller areas. Styrofoam panels, which have the feature of being an innovative decoration product, are products that can be easily brought to the dimensions you want and you can give the shape you want.
  • Styrofoam wall panel, which can be painted at any time, the surface is not damaged during the painting process, and you can paint over and over according to the colors of the decoration, it also helps you to make different decorations. Being a product that can be easily applied and dyed is among the advantages of it.
  • Although it is styrofoam-based, it brings the burning problem to mind, because the raw materials used are B1 class fireproof materials, the styrofoam wall panel is in the class of fireproof materials. Panels that are not flammable and prevent the growth of fire because they do not allow flames to walk are within the scope of the measures to be taken to protect against fire.

You can use styrofoam wall panels, which provide advantages in every respect, indoors as well as outdoors, you can make wonderful decorations, and create interior spaces that are quiet and have seasonal temperatures thanks to their heat and sound insulation feature.

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