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Fireproof Wall Panels

Wonderful decorations materials you will make in your home should be made of colorful, patterned and aesthetic materials as well as materials that will provide you convenience. Styrofoam wall panels are a decoration material that you will have an advantage in this issue and they do not have a burning feature. It is in B1 class incombustible materials. It is non-flammable and protects your home against fire by preventing the spread of flames. You can make your home safer places with the decorations you will make in your homes with styrofoam wall panels.

Styrofoam wall panels; These are the materials that have hardened surfaces, and the desired colors and patterns are printed by printing. Since the paints used in printing technology have fireproof properties, they are used as fire resistant panels. Styrofoam wall panels that you can use in all wonderful decorations from professional decorations to amateur decorations provide you with an aesthetic advantage. With styrofoam wall panels with unlimited color and pattern variety, you can make the wonderful decorations you dream of in your home and place the colors you dream of in your home. Styrofoam wall panels, which are sold at very economical prices in terms of cost, are produced as standard in two different thicknesses as 120 x 50 x 2- 4 cm. You can cut the panels applied with the joining technique on wide surfaces or in narrow areas or local decorations, bring them to the desired dimensions and apply them. You can make wonderful decorations with styrofoam wall panels that you can bring up to the size you want with the help of the maker knife.

Styrofoam wall panels, which are light materials, are also decoration products that are easy to apply. Styrofoam wall panels, which you can easily apply without the need for an application master, also create an advantage in terms of time, as they are applied in a short time. Using acrylic-based silicone, you can easily do the bonding process yourself. It is enough to wait a few minutes for the silicone to dry. At the end of this period, you make a surface application that does not require repair or repair anymore.

Styrofoam wall panel, which is a material that does not produce bacteria, does not contain bacteria and does not lose its insulation feature during its use, is also a material that does not lose its properties and dispersion during use. With these features, styrofoam wall panels that allow you to create wonders in your homes also contribute to hygienic and sterile decorations. You can decorate whenever you want with the styrofoam wall panel that you can use in areas where hygiene is important, such as baby rooms, workplaces, work offices.

You can realize the decorations you dream of with the styrofoam wall panels that give you the advantage in every aspect and give you the opportunity to make economical decoration.

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