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The types of styrofoam wall panels offered to buyers vary depending on many different features and colors. There is also the chance to be applied in many different buildings, especially in houses. Multiple purchased models can be ordered at the same time. Deliveries are made within a week, regardless of the region and city. Usage and assembly instructions are also included in the product content of the wall panels.

Brick styrofoam wall panels meet with buyers with the name of brick styrofoam wall panels. In addition to light colors such as white, cream and gray, there are also color alternatives such as orange, light red and burgundy. In addition, product varieties that contain all the vibrant colors of the rainbow are also included in the catalogs with their visuals. Hard eps of 30 density is used. For this reason, it is known as aesthetic as well as durable products.

Warranty periods vary from two years to four years. If the usage and maintenance instructions are followed, these panels can be considered to have a much longer life. The permeability rate is 5%.There is an extra suction volume against water. In this way, it can be used with the quality and durability of the first day for years.

Brick styrofoam wall panels can be used as a decorative option in many different areas. TV backs are one of the most frequently used areas. It can also be mounted on the background of the television unit with an aesthetic taste.

Thanks to the styrofoam wall panels that can adhere to all surfaces and do not come off the surfaces they are attached to, you can make the decorations you want in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens in wet areas, and you can use styrofoam wall panels in exterior decoration. You can create wonderful decorations in your homes with styrofoam wall panels, which are very advantageous materials in terms of cost. Styrofoam wall panels, which give you an advantage in every aspect, can make the decorations you want and dream of in homes, workplaces, cafes, hospitals, living spaces.

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