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Stone Wall Panels

Stone wall panels, which make it easy for you in interior decorations and at the same time do not look for the truth with their decorative appearance, allow you to decorate with low budgets with their economical prices. The application of stone wall panels, which are no different from real stone wall covering materials, are identical in pattern and cannot be distinguished from stones because they have hardened surfaces, are also very easy to apply. You do not need a special application master for the styrofoam wall panel, which you can apply on any wall or empty space you want. As the stone wall panels, which you can easily apply with the help of silicone, will adhere to the application surface in a few minutes, you also have an advantage in terms of application time.

Styrofoam Wall Panel Application

For the styrofoam wall panel application process that you will use in your home, you must first clean the application surface with a damp cloth. The adhesion surface of the silicone or chemical adhesive that you will use for the bonding process must be clean. After wiping the application surface with a damp cloth, you should wait for the surface to dry. After the surface dries, you must follow these steps for the application process.

1) You should divide the size of the styrofoam wall panel you will cover on the wall into three equal parts and apply silicone evenly. You need to apply silicone to at least three different points. Otherwise, the coating material will come off after a while.

2) You can also apply silicone to the area where you will apply. After the silicone application process, you should stick the styrofoam wall panel to the wall in an aligned manner.

3) You should press on the wall panel you have pasted on the wall for 3 – 4 minutes and ensure that the silicone spreads well. When the silicone spreads well and sticks, you can remove your hand. Now the silicone will dry on its own and complete the bonding process. The wall panel application you will make in this way will allow you to have interior wall coverings that you will use for many years.

Features of Styrofoam Wall Panels

  • First of all, since it is a decorative product, it allows you to obtain decorative visuals on both interior and exterior facades. With stone wall patterned panels, you can stylishly decorate the inside and outside of your home.
  • Being a professional coating material in thermal insulation gives you an advantage. * * Thanks to the styrofoam wall panel that provides thermal insulation according to summer and winter temperature values, you will keep the energy you will spend for air conditioning at a minimum level. In this way, you also save on bills.
  • The fact that it is a quality material in sound insulation also prevents the outside sounds from reaching the interior. You can solve this problem in a very economical way without the need for sheathing processes specially made for sound insulation.

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